Who We Are

MVN is a professional warehousing & delivery company offering a full spectrum of unique services.
We are fully equipped, licensed and insured.

With over thirty years of experience within the furniture industry, we pride ourselves on performing
each and every transportation job carefully and in a professional manner. Our warehouse specialists/furniture technicians are experienced in providing proper follow-up in order to ensure
the highest level of customer satisfaction.

All furniture is handled by qualified people who have the training and experience to provide you
with an efficient and worry free delivery service. This ensures that you get the most dedicated
professionals and the most precise response times.

We offer customized services that are tailor made and individually designed to fulfill all your
needs. The company's vision is premised on a one to one relationship and our true strength
is in your ultimate satisfaction.

The following is an outline of our proposed services:

  • Warehousing & Receiving
  • Proper Inspection
  • Touch-Up & Preparation
  • Repair and Retrofit Service
  • Showroom Rearrangement
  • Scheduling Deliveries
  • Holding Fees
  • No Fits
  • Exchanges
  • Delivery Charges