Complete Descriptions of our Service Options

Warehousing & Receiving

Our warehouse is open for business Monday thru Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm. We request that your carrier deliver goods on Monday Thru Thursday's for more efficient scheduling to better meet your customer’s needs. We always ask for carriers to call & schedule appointments.

Proper Inspection

All merchandise is opened and carefully inspected to ensure the quality and integrity of your merchandise. A receiving and inspection report is then faxed to your location to notify you of any damages. It is up to the Retailer to file and follow up any damage reports. We will email photos of all damages directly to the Retailer.

Touch-Ups & Preparation

All items are blanket wrapped appropriately in preparation for on time delivery. We have the in-house capability to repair any damaged goods received at Retailer's request.

Repair & Retrofit

Our service technicians provide our customers with 2 service options:

Retrofit option - Oversized merchandise Can be retrofitted to fit into customers home.

Repair option - Furniture repair - Our technicians can provide customized furniture repairs (chips, scratches, cracks, etc.), and includes pick-up/drop off.

Showroom Rearragement

Our delivery personnel can visit your location and provide you with any required showroom floor changes. We will provide 2 men and a truck to deliver new merchandise and rearrange any room necessary.