Delivery Process

Scheduling Deliveries

MVN will schedule all deliveries directly with the customer. All time frames and COD's due will be confirmed 1 day prior to delivery. Any discrepancies involving a COD will be the designated stores responsibility with our assistance to resolve prior to delivery or appointment will be cancelled for that scheduled day.

No Fits

Any upholstery or wood item that does not fit and has the ability to be disassembled we can at the retailer's or customers approval. Disassembly fee is a flat rate to be determined per piece. If this is the case, there will not be a redelivery charge on top of fee.

If a customer feels a piece is too big for the room or didn't fit to scale and would like to reselect a delivery fee still applies.


All exchanges due to MVN error will be handled at a n/c rate otherwise will be charged at the same rate as original delivery. Example: (reselection's, didn't like distressing, scale to big or too small for room, wrong item, color, etc.).

Delivery Charges

All delivery charges will be charged according to agreement for a 60 mile radius (includes shop preparation, inspection, delivery, set-up, etc.).

Any delivery over the 60 mile radius from the Columbus Circle, NYC, according to our mileage guide book. Any order taken by the retailer over the 60 mile radius can be delivered and a delivery charge will be negotiated at that time depending on the size and value of the order.

Accessories will be received, handled & inventoried. If we deliver with other goods or item is too big for customer to pick-up, there will be a delivery charge.

In addition to all the services mentioned above our office staff will do all the receiving, generate all reports for accessories, fabrics, etc. Our staff will be very efficient in keeping your inventory reports as current as possible.